The Tulley Story

On August 1, 1957, Tulley Buick came into existence when Vin Tulley purchased Donald Buick Company, located at 280 Main Street in Nashua. Prior to that time, Vin was a sales manager at Lowell Buick Company and the dealer was our own Frederic B. Emerson. In 1959, the Pontiac franchise was added.

By 1964, the business was outgrowing its facilities. However, at that time, one of this region’s premier entrepreneurs and developers by the name of Sam Tamposi, Sr. proposed a revolutionary new concept of an automotive park. Several dealers grouped together and by early 1965, the New England Automotive Village was a reality and Tulley Buick Pontiac Company has a new home on Rockne Drive in the village.

The business continued to grow through the sixties and early seventies and, by 1976, Vin made the move to acquire additional land for a used car facility and car wash operation on Graham Drive at the north end of the village. This was followed by the lease and subsequent purchase of additional land at the corner of Daniel Webster Highway and Graham Drive in 1979. A building was erected which, at first, housed our car rental and leasing operations but was later to become the home for the BMW Franchise which was added in 1981.

Within two years, still more development occurred with the addition of the GMC truck franchise in 1983. Expansion again forced a rethinking of the next phase of our corporation’s development. The automotive village was overcrowded to the point of jeopardizing good customer service and relations. Our corporation was growing and needed more space. Again, it was the combination of Vin’s foresight and the Tamposi-Forest families’ development abilities which resulted in the acquisition of the last large remaining parcel of land in South Nashua.

The current facility, at 120,000 square feet, represents one of the finest facilities on the eastern seaboard. The land, building, and equipment represent a fifteen million dollar investment in our corporation’s future growth. We undertook the mammoth project with full confidence. Our reasoning was complete faith in our community, our customers, and last but certainly not least, our absolute confidence in our fellow associates in the Tulley Automotive Family, for our employees are one of our greatest assets.